I have served as primary lecturer or teaching assistant for classes in critical thinking, ethics, the philosophy of science, and early modern philosophy at the University of Southern California. Before that, I led discussion sections at the University of Toronto for classes in business ethics, environmental ethics, logic, social and political philosophy, and psychoanalysis.

My pedagogy is deeply invested in welcoming students into philosophical dialogue. As a teacher, I help students realize that by reading carefully, exploring the consequences of their intuitive judgments, and clearly relaying those consequences through written and spoken exchange, they have not only much to gain from, but also much to contribute, to philosophy. In seminar, I prioritize discussion over lecture; the most satisfying moment in seminar is when a person – one of my students, or I myself, as an instructor – is persuaded to rethink a position.

Here is a syllabus for a class that I have taught:

Here are some courses that I am prepared to teach: